Services & Rates

Proofreading - $1.50 per page

This is the final step before a manuscript is published. Normally the work has already been reviewed by a developmental editor and a copy editor, so most errors have already been found and fixed. Proofreading is done to catch any remaining errors that have slipped by such as missed periods, extra spaces, and omitted words.

Copyediting - $2.00 per page

During a copyedit, mechanical inconsistencies in the manuscript are repaired. This includes spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, punctuation, italics, bold type, and treatment of numbers and quotations.

Content Editing - $2.25 per page

This service would best be described as a light developmental edit. At this level, Your Fiction Editor will look for structural, organizational, and point of view issues in your story and point out any inconsistencies. This edit addresses the overall flow of your writing, which includes the cohesion and coherence between sentences and paragraphs. Did you go off on a tangent for two pages that is not necessary to the story arc? Were your character’s eyes blue on page five and then green on page twenty? Did your character use their last bullet and then forget to reload? Were we in the hero’s head in chapter five but you head-hopped into some other character’s head in a few of your paragraphs? Did you dump too much information into chapter one? How could those details be better utilized and more strategically placed into your story as it goes along? These are the kinds of elements that are addressed here.

I need it all, Eva! $5.25 per page

Get all three levels of editing detailed above at a discounted rate.

*Standard page = 250 words per page.

Resources: The Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam Webster Dictionary are the standard guides used for the publication of fiction. Your Fiction Editor will always use the most current version to edit your work.

Your Fiction Editor is committed to protecting your privacy. Your project will not be shared or distributed to a third party at any time. Reasonable and appropriate technical safeguards are used to protect any information received from you.

The Process

Step 1:

Contact Eva to discuss the timeline and level of edit needed.

Step 2:

Send in your completed manuscript as a Word document. The Track Changes feature within Microsoft Word will be used to make corrections and leave comments.

Step 3:

Your Fiction Editor will contact you via email when the work is complete. After full payment is received via PayPal, your corrected manuscript will be returned to you.

Step 4:

When you receive your manuscript, open it and use the accept and reject buttons in the Review toolbar of Word to accept or reject the editing revisions. The changes Eva made to your document will be clearly visible in a different color. Easy!

If you are unfamiliar with the track changes feature of Word, I have made this video to help you.


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